Concrete / Cement Log Siding

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Who Knew Concrete Could Look So Stunning

A company in Kentucky has developed a concrete log that you have to see to believe! Not only do they have an incredible look of real logs, they deliver and give a virtual lifetime of freedom from maintenance. The logs are actually reinforced lightweight concrete made from casts of real logs. From a visual aspect they are the real thing complete with carved initials, nail heads and other details that give them a look that’s impossible to discern from actual wood logs.

The faux logs are the brainchild of Walter Smith of Old Kentucky Logs in Corbin, Kentucky. Walter saw a market for concrete logs and set about creating a system that builders could use to construct authentic looking log homes without the problems that are encountered with natural wood logs. He took his idea and put it into production and today the lightweight concrete log homes are popping up across America. The authenticity of the logs can’t be understated. The logs are applied to the structure, much like brick siding and once in place they are stained and chinking is applied that is impossible to discern from real wood.

Walt spent his time thinking about the log home he had longed for. While pondering a log home that would be worry free and better than logs his thoughts turned to concrete. He developed and patented a system that reproduces to the most minute detail the exact look and feel of antique hand hewed logs with dovetailed corners that are made of long-lasting concrete. A log home that eliminates the drawbacks encountered when using real wood logs or siding can be built and enjoyed for years to come.

Benefits of Concrete Log Siding

  • NExtremely eco-friendly; has no impact on forests
  • NEliminates the expensive maintenance of wood
  • NNaturally fire resistant siding
  • NSiding that does not warp, settle, or rot
  • NLess expensive to insure than wood log homes

Concrete Log Siding is Applicable On

  • NNew Frame Construction
  • NA Remodel of Existing Buildings:
  • 9Wood
  • 9Brick
  • 9Concrete Block
  • 9Wood Logs

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Justin & Jenny Farr

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Miles & Gabrielle Roberts

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The Thompson Family

"Our experience with TJ's Log & Timber was nothing short of exceptional. Their team truly understands the essence of a log home. We were involved in every step, and it felt like a collaborative masterpiece. The finishings, the intricate carvings, and the cozy ambiance they've created is top-notch. Hats off to TJ and the team!"

Lucy & Jake Anderson